How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook may seem simple. But are you optimizing your Facebook ads or blindly posting them? In this blog we will help you optimize your ads by teaching you how to define your objective, create an action plan, properly execute that plan, and track your results.

1. Defining your objective

The first step in optimizing your Facebook ads is to define your objective. Your business goals will drive your marketing objectives. Some examples of goals include generating sales, brand awareness, or more engagement. More specifically, if you are looking to get new clients, your goal may be to increase the number of visitors to your website. If your goal is to strengthen brand loyalty, your may want to boost the interactions on your page.

2. Create an action plan

Now that you know what your goal is, you can make a plan. You need to decide how many posts you will do each week, what your message will be, who is your target audience, etc. Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter answer to what your plan should be. Each company will have a different action plan depending on your brand and goals. You need to evaluate what your audience will like, if you’re advertising on desktop or mobile, and what mood you want your ad to be.

3. Execute your plan

Once you have your idea developed, you can start creating the ads. However, be weary of Facebook rules when creating your ads. Because images with minimal text are more engaging, Facebook recommends limiting your graphic content to 20% text (including logos). You can check to see if your image meets these requirements using the grid tool. We recommend creating several versions of an ad using various images and layouts. You can test these ads to see which performs best. A great app for ad testing is AdEspresso.

4. Track your results

Facebook will show you how many people your ad reaches. You can also use Facbook Ads Manager to see in more detail how your ads are performing.

Although we can’t write one blanket plan that works for all businesses, we hope these tips help you create a successful ad campaign. Always remember to define your objective, create an action plan, properly execute that plan, and then track your results. If you need help optimizing your Facebook posts, contact us today!

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