Refreshing your Social Media Strategy

Has your social media posts gone stale? Do you feel like you post the same stuff over and over again, but you don’t know what else to do? We understand and are here to help inspire you to refresh and strengthen your social media strategy in 2020.

Go Back to the Social Media Basics

Do not be afraid to stop and go back to the basics. There are many tried and true ways to get your self out of a social media rut.

One of the best ways to reset is by performing a social media audit. This allows you to really evaluate where you are at and where you are headed.

When performing an audit, it is important to identify what is and is not working in your current social media strategy. You should take a look at where you are meeting and where you are falling short of your goals. Do not be afraid to change!

For more tried and true ideas, check out our detailed post on how to get the most our of your social media marketing in five easy steps for more insights! Still stuck …. ?

Get Inspired, then.

If you are not following fellow business owners, industry brands and leaders, or your competitors, you should be. Look for ideas within other people’s content. But really, scroll through other people’s content and ask …

  • What are others doing on social media that really grabs your attention that you can emulate?
  • Which of their posts have the most engagement and why?
  • Is their audience the same audience as mine and is there a way we can collaborate?

It may seem like a simple idea, but everything starts as a simple idea. If you are having trouble getting inspired within your industry, look at other industries as well. Consider what business you follow on social media and ask these same questions. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Try something new.

Try something you may even think is a bad idea and see what happens. You will never know until you try, and as much as we think we know our customers, we don’t always know as much as we think we do.

As advertisers, we are constantly trying new ways to get our audience’s attention. The worst thing you can do is no longer trying new things.

Form a hypothesis and test it. If you try something new and your social media audiences don’t respond, then you can comfortably decide that is a bad idea for the future. But maybe, just maybe, you will be surprised to see that your audience responds much better to the new content than you could have ever expected.

Finally, stay people-focused.

Social media is about being social. People engage with content that is people focused. When in doubt, share more content about people, especially your customers.

Do not be afraid to comment on your follower’s posts. Engage with their content! Repost or share positive reviews. Ask your followers what they want.

We hope these tips help you stir up some creativity for your social content. For more help refreshing your social strategy, contact us today or visit our blog for more fresh ideas.