Better Serving Your Female Customers

Women are key in making buying decisions, especially within households. As you segment your target market, you may find more and more that your target market is made up of primarily women.

In fact, data shows that women make 85% of all consumer purchases, and the women, not the men, tend to spend 80% of the combined income in households.

As a result, you want to make sure you are doing your best to serve your female customer and to best market your product to women. This will allow you to grow sales, but it also sets you apart from the competition. Women also have strong proponents of customer loyalty and referrals.

Here are are top five tips for marketing to your female customers:

  1. Be honest and present all the option. Women are looking for quality products that are consistent. It needs to benefit them or those they care about. For that reason, they want to hear the truth and all of the option. High pressure sales environments are not likely to attract women. Instead, they want a hands on personal approach. They want someone to sit down with them and walk them through the process or explain the product in a truthful manner.
  2. Use, use, use technology. Website and social media are a direct link to your female customers. Most female shoppers do research and/or shopping online. With more testimonials and easier usability, the better your website and social media will become, and the better these become, the better you will be catering to your female customers.
  3. Leverage your existing female customers. Women respond best to referrals and recommendations from friends. Word of mouth is far more powerful than conventional advertising. By encouraging women to share their experiences with your product, you can better leverage your female customers to gain even more female customers.
  4. Remember who you are selling to … It is key to never forget to understand your target audience and what their demographics are. Once you understand that, this understanding should be reflected across the board in sales promotions, in social media, on your website, and in even your own sales force. Women respond extremely well to other women, as they understand how to better cater to the needs and desires of the female customer. It would not make sense to have men selling makeup products as they will not understand how these products will benefit women from personal experience. Plus, having women showcasing these products will make other women more comfortable.
  5. Be responsive. As with any customer, it is important to respond in a timely manner and provide the quickest and best service possible. However, it is especially important with women. Many women are running households and are going to not only go with the best quality, but also the fastest service. For example, women home with a baby can’t wait a week for the plumber to respond to her phone call, even if he does the best work.

These five simple tips are only the beginning of how you can better target your female customers. As you look at your industry and your female customers, there are sure to be additional ways you can further cater to their needs. This could be through technology or through simple improved communication methods.

The Secret To Boosting Your Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook has become a top social media platform. With 1.71 billion monthly active users, Facebook’s potential for advertisers is endless. Because of Facebook’s popularity, it has also become a big advertising platforms. Brands have seen great success using Facebook. For example, when Wendy’s launched a new burger, their Facebook campaign resulted in 1.7 million total engagements and their page attracted more than 50,000 new Facebook fans.

Facebook Ads give businesses a completely customizable platform that allows ads to be promoted to users across the globe. Although this feature is a great advertising tool, your small business doesn’t want to pay to reach an audience every time you post an ad on Facebook. Your marketing budget would be spent on just Facebook alone! We are here today to give you a few tips on how you can reach more people on Facebook without using paid advertising.

To understand how you can reach a wider audience on Facebook, you must first understand how Facebook shows your ad to people. On Facebook, you can promote a paid ad, or you can promote an ad organically. We will be covering organic ads in this blog post. Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free just from posting on your business’ page. Organic reach sounds great, right? Reaching an audience without paying a penny! However, the plethora of content on Facebook has resulted in a decline of organic reach. Because an average of 1,500 posts compete for attention in a user’s news Feed, the organic reach has decreased from 16% of followers to just over 2%. Facebook asserts that there are two major reasons for this decline in organic reach. The first is the sheer volume of content competing for a user’s attention. There is more content on the social site than people can absorb. Therefore, only a limited number of posts are actually seen by users. The second reason for organic reach decline is Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook tries to ensure only the most relevant, high quality content makes it into users’ News Feeds. The algorithm assess thousands of factors to determine which posts are News Feed-worthy and displays only around 300 of the 1,500 choices at any given time.

So how does your business perform well with such a wealth of content on Facebook? Our number one tip on making your content valuable is to post quality content. Post content that your audience will find valuable – something that will make them think, provide information, provide entertainment, etc. Another helpful tip is to add business objectives to your Facebook page, such as increasing brand awareness or driving traffic to your website. In addition, you can see when most of your audience members are online and post during those prime times. In addition to the time you post, another important factor is how often you post. There is no magic number of posts that is optimal for Facebook, but rather this number depends on your brand and your users. You will need to determine the correct posting frequency for your specific campaign. Post too often and you may annoy fans; post too scarcely and your fans may forget about it. It is important to find that perfect number of postings that is right for your specific page and audience.

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your organic reach on Facebook. If you need additional assistance figuring out how to better optimize you Facebook posts, contact us today!

Twitter Ads 101

Everyone knows Facebook is doing ads, but did you know Twitter has an ad campaign too? We’re going to give you all the details you need to know about what Twitter ads are and how to use them.

There are a few different types of ad campaigns you can use on Twitter, depending on your goal:

1. Website click campaigns

  • Goal: increase site visits, conversions, and sales
  • What it does: A Website Card allows users to preview an image, related context, and a clear call to action in their timeline.

2. Followers campaigns

  • Goal: build an audience
  • What it does: Promotes your Twitter account to desktop and mobile users in places like the Who to follow panel and their Home timeline.

3. Engagement campaigns

  • Goal: increase retweets, likes, and mentions
  • What it does: Promotes your Tweets to a large, targeted group of people. It enables you to place your best content in front of the audience that matters to you, at the time it will have most effect.

4. App campaigns:

  • Goal: increase app installs from Twitter
  • What it does: The App Card allows mobile users to preview an image, view app ratings, and install or open an app directly from their timelines.

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If you need any help navigating through social media ads, give us a call today!