What You Can Learn From “Big Business” Marketing

Think about some of the most successful brands you know and ask yourself how they got there. Was it a great product, a great marketing strategy, or both? Obviously a business cannot survive unless it is offering a product or service people are willing to buy, but marketing plays a vital role in the ongoing success of a business.

Let’s take Apple, for example. Is the iPhone really superior in terms of quality to any other phone? Almost all smartphones have great graphics, easy to use technology, and the newest features, but why do most people tend to gravitate toward Apple products? It is because Apple has established itself as the “go to” brand; if you don’t have Apple, you have something inferior. Since it’s humble beginnings, Apple has utilized a marketing strategy that showcases Apple products are sleek, fresh, and wanted by everyone. They have put themselves at the top of their industry.

So what does this mean for you? We can all learn from Apple and other successful brands when it comes to marketing. Let’s take a look at how these big companies become big.

1. They view marketing as a necessity.

Many business owners use marketing as a startup strategy, but forget about it once they have reached large enough revenue. They think marketing is something that should only be used when more customers are needed. This way of thinking is not going to get you on the same level as Apple or Coca-Cola. If you wait until it is absolutely necessary to start marketing, it’s already too late. By creating and implementing a regular marketing strategy, these businesses thrive year after year. They do this ongoing marketing to maintain the customer base, ensure their reputation, keep things interesting for customers, and secure their business’ future.

2. They keep their brand consistent.

Coca-Cola and Apple, huge businesses with boundless budgets, don’t do anything crazy with their branding. The logo of both companies has remained more or less the same throughout the years. The message is the same, and the brand identity is the same. Although you need to keep your marketing fresh and innovative, your brand should always stay consistent. This will help your business build character and create brand loyalty within your customer base.

3. They are active on social media.

Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies are active on Facebook and Twitter. This helps their brand become more personable and gets customers more involved. Social media allows customers to be not only content absorbers, but also content creators. It allows customers to have personal interactions with the brand and gives the brand an outlet to be a little more creative and fun.

If you need assistance in developing a “big business” marketing plan for your business, contact us today! We’d love to show you how your brand can incorporate these strategies to secure success for years to come.

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