Advertising during COVID-19

The past few weeks have been a time of unprecedented disruption to almost every part of our daily lives. The current pandemic has upended our routines and changed the way businesses do business.

Many businesses have been required to close their physical doors and covert to fully online sales. Other “essential” businesses have been navigating how to keep their employees safe and healthy while still trying to meet their customers needs and heightened expectations. Still other businesses are facing the harsh reality of not being allowed to do business at all.

No matter the situation, Adventure Ad Agency is working with each and every one of our clients to help them succeed even under these strange and challenging circumstances. Regardless of what your current situation is as a business owner or employee, we are hear to remind you that life and business can still go on, and as we all adjust to new ways of communicating and doing business, we are here for you.

While it may be challenging to worry about advertising during a pandemic, there are numerous opportunities for businesses to continue to reach out to their customers, build brand awareness, and attract business.

Here are some of the ways adverting is more important than ever during COVID-19 and how you can do your best to help your business succeed:

Embrace Social Media

Social media was critical to any business before the current pandemic. However, with people stuck at home spending countless hours on their phone unable to interact normally with their peers in social settings, social media has become even more important.

Your customers are stuck at home on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube account, and more. If you weren’t active on your social media before, get active! If you are, think of new ways to promote your business or simply stay in touch with your customers.

1. Post an update on how your business is effected by COVID-19.

If you are open for business, how are you protecting both your employees are customers? Have your hours of operation changed? How can customers get in touch with you? Let your social media family know what is going on. Keeping your customer base and potential new customers informed is important.

2. Share resources.

In times like these, communication is key. Along with posting updates about how your business is adapting to COVID-19, share resources to help your clients stay in touch. If you have a new online order system, share the link. Provide answers to FAQs and local government announcements pertaining to your business.

3. Try something new.

Do not be afraid to try something new. Many businesses are trying Facebook Live for the first time. Clothing stores have put on Facebook live fashion shows. Law offices have done live Q&As with customers. Restaurants have started contests asking customers to share images of the enjoying their food to win a gift card.

What do all of these business have in common? They are trying something new. Even if these ideas aren’t new to you, keep up the good work. Look at what other business are doing for inspiration. Just keep trying!

4. Stay in touch. Build community.

At the end of the day, just stay active on social media. It will build brand awareness and ensure your customers don’t forget about you in the meantime. Now is a great time to build community and support one another. Use your social media account to build community.

Focus on What Matters & Adapt

With the current pandemic, your advertising plan is going to have to change. What you thought would work a few months ago won’t work in the current landscape and that is okay. You may have to lower your advertising spend or switch from one medium to another. The key is knowing how to adapt and planning ahead.

1. Know your business.

At Adventure Ad Agency, we work with our clients to fully understand the business of each and every one of our clients .This is critical to creating and implementing a successful advertising strategy and campaign.

As a business owner or employee, you are likely hyper-focused on ensuring your company can brave the storm of COVID-19. You know best what you need and your advertising plan should be specifically designed to do just that.

2. Be adaptable.

Sometimes it feels like the current rules and regulations change everyday. As you are looking to adjust your advertising strategy during this pandemic, be sure to remain adaptable.

3. Try new ways of advertising.

Just like with social media you should try new things, now is the time to try new advertising strategies. These are new times with new needs. You may find that something you haven’t tried before because it didn’t make sense for your business needs at the time is now the perfect fit. Many businesses are still just starting to explore online advertising. However, with many people stuck at home, online is where your customers are.

Hopefully these tips have helped inspire new ideas and served as important reminders to help your business during COVID-19. Advertising is a powerful tool that can help businesses survive in challenging times and thrive in even better ones. No matter your current situation, the team at Adventure Ad Agency is here to help and hopes you are staying safe and healthy!

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