Optimize CTR in Google Ads

What is CTR?

One of the cornerstones of digital advertising terms to know is click-through rate, or CTR. This metric provides a ratio of the number of clicks on link or call to action. Click-through rate is calculated by simply dividing the amount of clicks by the amount of impressions, then multiplying by 100. So for example, if a link received 1,000 views and 15 clicks, the CTR is 1.5%

Why does CTR matter?

Click-through rate is a vital tool to use for any pay-per-click advertising campaign. It is often utilized to evaluate the overall health of a campaign. This is due to search based platforms, such as Google, using CTR and other metrics to assess a site’s content and relevance to the platform’s users. The idea behind this is that if CTR is high, the site’s content is useful and helpful to people searching for certain keywords. Because of this, the site will continue to show in a higher rank. Having the site show more frequently is a reward for creating relevant content. This results in a happy user and provides the advertiser with a more engaged audience.  

What is a good CTR?

Oftentimes, CTR will vary from campaign to campaign or keyword to keyword. Thus explaining why there is no exact or set number to aim for with pay-per-click CTR. With this in mind, however, it is good practice to compare one’s CTR to its industry averages. In addition, search network ads tend to have a higher Click-through rate averaging at 1.91% Display network ads have a lower average CTR of 0.35%. Of course, a “good” click-through rate would be above the average percentages. 

How can CTR be improved?

The most common ways to improve CTR are keyword management, copywriting, and ad extensions.

Keyword Management

Relevant keywords are essential to improving and maintaining higher CTR. It is important to keep your target audience in mind when drafting these keywords and get specific by using long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are more like key phrases since they include more than two words. These types of keywords are tailored to the individual close to a point-of-purchase rather than someone only researching. This tactic sets the campaign apart from competitors and seeks out people who are more likely to purchase. 


Being unique in copywriting is the key to success here. It is easy to ignore most search ads because they all follow the same pattern. Standing out can be as easy as including more numbers than competitors in the ad’s headline. Get creative, because there is only so much space allowed for the ad’s copy. 

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional links, call outs or information on the site. Call extensions provide a phone number or a button to call when on mobile. Location extensions give the physical address of the business and may offer a button for directions.Extensions like these are great to attract a user’s mouse for more information because of the easy interaction being offered. Seller rating extensions appear automatically if the business is rated four stars or higher which instills trust in the user viewing the ad. Finally, sitelink extensions promote supplemental links on the ad and help with broad match searches. The idea behind all ad extensions is to add more text and info to the ad in hopes of it becoming more relevant to searches.

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Google Ads Digital Advertising

Is Digital Advertising Right for your Business?

Digital Advertising can seem daunting and intimidating for many business owners. Unlike traditional advertising where you can see your ad in the local newspaper or on the billboard beside the highway, digital advertising is not as tangible for business owners.

However, lack of understanding shouldn’t keep your business from utilizing digital advertising in your marketing and advertising strategy. Digital advertising is quickly becoming an important part of all business’s advertising strategies and can drive real results for companies.

According to Wordstream, “for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue,” and according to eMarketer, digital ad spending is only continuing to grow.

Digital advertising is a powerful tool that can help reach the right audience (your customers), at the right place (websites they visit), and at the right time (when they are looking for your products or services.

Right Place.

One of the benefits of digital advertising is it reaches consumers where they spend their time – online.

The average American spends 24 hours a week online, as reported by the MIT Technology Review. This number is only rising. This is especially true among target demographics for advertisers such as millennials.

Right Time.

Another benefit of digital advertising is it reaches consumers when they are looking for your products or services.

Digital advertising platforms, such as Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), works through keywords. As an advertiser, we set keywords that align with your products and services. When a user searches Google using those keywords, a search advertisements is shown promoting your business in the top few results. Plus, with Google Ads, you only pay if they click.

Additionally, retargeting through digital ads is another form of digital advertising that reaches your potential customer more strategically than traditional advertising can. Retargeted ads appear to visitors who have visited your business website. When these visitors leave the website, they are continued to be shown ads reminding them of your products and services or showing them difference promotional offers.

Right Audience.

Finally, digital advertising can help you reach your specific target audience. When you set up an advertising campaign, you have control of user targeting.

This means you can set up specific user demographics such as age and gender. Some platforms allow users to be targeted based upon household income and more personal details. Plus, you can limit your advertising to certain zip codes or more narrow geographic areas.

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Waze Advertising

Everything You Need To Know About Waze Ads

One of the golden rules of advertising is to go where the “eyeballs” are, and the eyeballs are on Waze. For 110 million drivers worldwide, the Waze app has become an integral part of daily life. An average user spends 10.5 hours per month on Waze, which is more than Snapchat, Pinterest, and even Twitter. Not only are users spending a lot of time on Waze, but also the “eyeballs” on the app are highly engaged, loyal consumers.

Because of this, Waze ads are the perfect opportunity to capture the attention of your target customer and convert them into visiting your location and purchasing your products or services.

What is Waze?

Branded as a human movement company, Waze allows people to navigate their daily commute in and out of the office with ease, to avoid road closures and delays on vacations or trips to visit family, or to catch a ride with a friendly face in order to reduce their carbon footprint. 



This GPS navigation software app is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It provides turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted route details to keep users informed and safe while on the road. Users can flag construction, abandoned cars, and even locations where police are radaring.

What types of ads does Waze offer?

Waze is now offering opportunities for businesses and advertisers to participate in this dynamic marketplace. The select ad formats all offer unique and effective ways to advertise to your target customers.

Branded Pins  

Think of these as digital store signs in the Waze app. Pins mark business’ locations on the map. Then, when users click on the pin, information such as the business’ hours, phone number, address, and special offers are shown. Users can select to drive there, save the location for later, or to save the offer. Advertisers pay on a CPM basis.

Promoted Search

When users search for your services, you will be given priority in the search results. With all the same information and actions as branded pins, the best part is that this offering is free alongside branded pin campaigns.

Promoted Search

Zero-Speed Take Over

If you are a large business or brand who plans to spend $169 daily or more, Waze offers this additional ad format. Think of these as digital billboards. When a user comes to a complete stop for over four seconds, the ad will pop up on the users screen with business information and relevant offers. This powerful tool is an effective ad format to reach more users and drive more navigations to your location. 

Do these ads work?

While Waze ads have only recently been introduced as a new platform for advertisers and brands to reach target customers, it has already shown to be extremely effective. 

Business using the Waze app in the United States have seen a 20.4% increase in navigation to their locations and am 82% lift in brand recall on average, according to data reported by Waze.

A big reason for this success is that it passes “The Toothbrush Test.” This is a “term to describe an app that provides such consistent utility that users feel as if they’ve missed some vital part of their daily routine if they haven’t used it twice a day.” This high utility typical leads to not only a deeper trust and loyalty among the audience, but also a deeper user understanding and better targeting for advertisers.

For more information on the success of these ads, check out their informative case studies.

Key Stats on the Audience

In the United States, …

  • 48% of Waze users are women and 52% are men
  • 48% of Waze users, the largest group, are between 35-54 years old. 35% of Waze users are between 25-34 years old
  • 46% of Waze users have household incomes of $100k+ USD/year.
  • 65% of Waze users have between 2-4 people in their household.

As you can see from the abundant data, Waze Ads are a powerful and exciting new platform for advertising. The large, highly engaged audience is on the move and ready to become your new customer. While these ads will not fit every type of business, it can be a powerful strategy for the right fit. Gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment locations are all great fits for this strategy.

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